Change 1: Frames of Time



Thousands of years ago, Confucius, standing by a river, said: “Everything flows on and on like this river, without pause, day and night.” He was trying to explain the idea of change and how it relates to the immutable, eternal law at work in all change. This law is the Tao.

Ergo: Change = Eternal Law = the Tao

1. Change can only be measured when the element of time has been introduced. Time is artificial. It is the construct of humans, in an attempt to define what Change means and to measure its effect on reality as humans see it.

2. With continued and consistent measurement, humans came to realize that it followed the exact same law in every situation, and so gave it a name. Eternal Law.

3. This law, in antiquity, was represented by a single line which represents oneness because it separates above and below, right and left, and a front and back. It was, essentially, an embodiment of opposites called ‘the firm’ and ‘the yielding’, and the continuous transformation of ‘the firm’, melding into ‘the yielding’ and then back again, created the world of being (our 3 dimensional reality). Change is conceived from this continuous transformation, and manifests itself as cycles of complex phenomena such as the changing of seasons, and day and night. The law was observed and duly noted, and that law was Tao.

So. My point in this wordy little blog is to clarify that the I Ching is a book which explains the Tao in pictures, created by various combinations of two images built up of various patterns of broken and unbroken lines. ‘Yes’ was represented by an unbroken line, and ‘No’ was represented by a broken line.

Since the Tao = the Eternal Law, which = Change, we can surmise that the pictures of the I Ching represent Change, which can be measured, in part, by those Changes which occurred through a specified frame of Time.

Understanding the the Eternal Law and how it works will unlock the sequences of Changes which occur at nodes of predetermined time. Ergo—understanding the pictures that represent the Tao allows for those who can see the pictures to also see the changes as it happens on the time line. Go backwards into the past, apply the Eternal Law, and we deduce what must have happened in the past. Go forward, apply the Eternal Law to see the Changes occurring at the nodes of time, and we see what must happen in the future.

So now I come to the part about the Eternal Law. This one is going to take another long wordy post, so I’m going to wool-gather my thoughts here and take a quickie short break for a bit as I ponder about the best way to tackle Eternal Law.

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6 thoughts on “Change 1: Frames of Time

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  1. Hi Craig! Still thinking about how to approach Eternal Law. 🙂

    I know I have been MIA, but there is a good reason for it. I promise.


  2. Hello Craig,
    Thank you for writing to me. Yes, I do agree with you. My site needs to be revisited, revamped, and reworked. There is much that needs to be updated, much that needs to be added, as far as the continued exploration of the human mind is concerned. As far as what is going on in my life–I am always seeking new paths to grow and explore my potentials. At this time, I am completely immersed in a new field of study, but that should not keep me from writing about my passions. Have no worries, I will be back, and will do a complete overhaul of this website, get rid of some dead wood, and add fresh material to the compilation of my writings. Until then, have a wonderful journey.

    The Tao Babe


  3. your views on the I Ching are insightful…I would like to suggest an alternate view regarding the element of “time” as it applies to “Change”…specifically in regards to this line above: “Time is artificial. It is the construct of humans,…”…while it is true that measurable-time is an essential element of human society, it is/was established by the gods/Creator(s) to establish this dualistic-existance/dimension. This is established by the irrefutable fact that the concept of measurable-time is derived from our solar system…the earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours, creating the concept of a “day”…the earth travels around the sun every 365 days which, causes our four seasons, etc. As you note “Change can only be measured when the element of time has been introduced”, that is how the divine (nature or whatever terminology anyone is comfortable with) designed dualism…without it, there could be no such thing as dualism and/or dualism.


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