Organic Alchemistry 7: Garden of Eden

(Continued from Organic Alchemistry 6: Lulus of the World) 300,000 years It sure took us awhile to figure it out—300,000 years ago to be exact, but we did it. We managed to figure out how it all happened, and even more impressively, how to replicate that godly feat (more on this later). I think our ancient ancestors would have been proud of us if they … Continue reading Organic Alchemistry 7: Garden of Eden

Dragons (Part 3): The Descent

(Continued from Dragons (Part 2) The Genetics ) The Dragons Space is a thrill that has only one flavor.  It is an odd amalgamation of a deep cold hum coming from the ship’s immense internal machinery, mixed with the dry metallic tang of reconstituted air.  Every brightly lit hallway glares bleak and sterile, with only colored tabs of lights along the walls to indicate relative position to … Continue reading Dragons (Part 3): The Descent

Ancient Việt 8: Bách Việt

(Continued from Ancient Việt 7: Văn Khoa Đẩu) I am one of those individuals who never learned my people’s ancient history from a classroom.  Everything I have learned all came from ancient books which I have had to painstakingly translate and/or decipher, using a very thick ancient Viet dictionary. Famous foreign sources (Chinese) usually have English translations, so that is a great help, but most ancient Viet … Continue reading Ancient Việt 8: Bách Việt

Ancient Việt 4: Ancient ties between Taiwanese and Vietnamese

I always knew my family’s spoken language was slightly different than what was spoken on the streets.  There were many terminology which didn’t fit in with the Việt vocabulary that I learned in school and on the playground.   For example, my father called his mother, my paternal grandmother, by the word Bu (母) pronounced as in the English word ‘boo’.  I never understood why.  I just … Continue reading Ancient Việt 4: Ancient ties between Taiwanese and Vietnamese

Ancient Việt 05: Văn Khoa Đẩu

Picture credit:  Linh Nguyen We are an ancient people. Việt history goes back far, far beyond what is the current accepted history of what Vietnam is suppose to be, spanning over four thousand years into the murky past.  Unfortunately, much of it was destroyed by the Han dynasty during the third (as well as the fourth) invasion and domination, to be eventually replaced by Chinese customs and … Continue reading Ancient Việt 05: Văn Khoa Đẩu