Black Sorcery and Ngải Plant 1


I was barely twenty-five when I first heard of ngải.  I had no idea what it was, or what it did.  The only thing I knew about it was that it was a spooky thing some people kept in their homes when they wanted to be granted a favor.  A friend heard that I had never seen this plant before, so he offered to take me to the home of his cousin, who actually had a ngải living in her house.  I agreed immediately, as curiosity is a Tao Babe’s middle name.

He took me to a normal looking house in the crowded chaotic city of Garden Grove, California, where I met his cousin, Ann, a pleasant Vietnamese woman with kind eyes and a fiery, quick-witted demeanor.  She showed me around her home, which looked like the average house that one would find in southern California, complete with a palm tree in front and hibiscus bushes bordering the neighbor’s lawn.  Inside, the house looked quite ordinary.  I could not sense that there was anything strange about it at all— until I was shown the room that the ngải was in.  The house was a three bedroom ranch.  The two children, ages ten and twelve, occupied one of the smaller bedrooms and she and her husband slept in the other small bedroom.

I asked her where the ngải was, and she pointed to the last door, at the very end.  It was the master bedroom, and it was occupied by the ngải.  She gave me a look that said nothing, yet filled me with dread.  We filed into the room, one by one, and stood in what looked like a beautiful bedroom, complete with king-sized bed and magnificent furniture.  Against the wall, there was a pot of summer crocus on a table.  In front of the table was a bowl that held an egg and a bowl of rice.

Ann went to the table and picked up the food.  She turned back to me and handed me the egg.  It was empty.  My eyes grew round with incredulity.  The egg was perfectly untouched, yet it was as light as a ping pong ball.  Ann explained that the egg had been consumed by the summer crocus ngải, and it was getting bigger, so it ate one every week, whereas previously, it only needed one egg a month.  I asked her to explain what it was, and this was what she told me.

Ngải is a Vietnamese word for a plant that has absorbed the energies of a spirit.  Sometimes, the spirit is benign.  More often than not, it is malevolent.  It can be a happenstance situation, where a wandering soul is drawn into the ngải plant because it needs a physical body to inhabit in order to remain in the third dimension.  It could also be called forth from another realm and then purposely placed in the plant by a black sorcerer who understands how to command these spirits.  The plant is then placed inside the home of a person who needs to be granted a boon.  Often, it is to seek something or someone, and other times, it is for a successful business venture.  It looks like a gentle flowering plant, but looks are deceiving.

Ann then told me a story of a doubting family member who visited her home one day and needed to spend the night.  She offered him the sofa, but he wanted to spend the night in a proper bed.  Seeing that the master bedroom was empty, he wanted to spend the night there.  Ann tried to discourage him from using the ngải’s bedroom, but he was adamant.  He was a Christian, and Christians didn’t believe in black magic.  He insisted that there was no such thing as black sorcery and he was going to prove them wrong.

As the family settled in for the night, all was peaceful.  A bit past midnight, there came a loud thump from the master bedroom.  A scream followed, and then a slamming of the door.  Ann and her husband ran out of their bedroom to see the man, wild-eyed and panicked, running towards the kitchen.  He told them, in between screams, that he had been picked up by a powerful energy surge and thrown against the wall, and then was told in a horrible unearthly voice, to get out of the room.  Needless to say, the man left that very night.

I looked at the pot of flowers on the table and had the sudden urge to leave the room.  It looked so benign and completely harmless.  Yet, it had eaten the entire contents of the egg that I was holding in my hand.  It chilled my blood, and I shivered, in spite of the heat of the summer day.

I turned to Ann and thanked her for showing me the ngải, and then I left.  As I turned to go, I caught a whiff of the hauntingly sweet scent that came from the petals of the ngải.  The scent is very unique, and very peculiar, almost like freesias.  The memory of that scent still haunts me to this very day.

For more information about this plant, go to Black Sorcery and Ngai Plant 2 where I have detailed what I could, of the plant itself.

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  1. Interesting story and spooky. A friend of mine (he has a business) just asked me if I knew any master who makes ngai but I don’t know any. Taobabe, do you happen to know anyone? Could you email me if you do to let me know where my friend can get such plant? Thanks!


  2. Freedomchris, I used to know a ngai master, long long ago. He was the one who confirmed the verity and vagaries of the ngai plant. Unfortunately, he has since passed away, but he taught me one valuable lesson. I don’t dismiss off-hand, the unexplained and mystical any longer. There are things far stranger in this universe than we will ever be able to wrap our brains around, and my only sane response to that is to shrug and say, ‘I go my path, and the strangeness goes its path. We all have our placement in the universe, and in the grand scheme of things, we are all important and deserve the right to have that path to traverse. If the strangeness and I happen to meet at some point during that path—well…it’s not an accident.”


  3. Thanks for your quick response. Well, I’ll just tell my friend to go find one around bolsa…. I’m sure there must be some. Happy new year!


  4. Yes. Just don’t go looking for one. People who have them want to take short cuts and get something for nothing, or to get something without working for it honestly. Anytime you sell your soul for shiny things, expect to lose it.


  5. My aunt once told me about this plant when I was very young. I didn’t believe her so I went to my mom to ask if there was such a plant. My mom freaked out and asked me who told me about it. I am curious about this plant can you tell me more stories about it? How does the plant turn on you if you feed it? Thanks in advance!


  6. Hello, I’m doing some general research on magic through out the world. Could I get some more information on this? Or perhaps some sources where I can get more information. Thanks in advance!


  7. LInh and Amplify117, I am not a Ngai Master, but I have done a bit of research into the matter. The best places to find more info would be through the Masters themselves. Barring that, your next best would be to seek out the ancient texts and read the information. The Asian book stores actually sell copies of ancient texts. Be forewarned, however, the texts are usually written in old Vietnamese (or some other ancient Asian text). Even if you can read the original source language, be prepared to keep a dictionary of ancient words next to you. Best of luck with your research.


  8. Hello Tao babe i am also vietnamees and I am a Taoism Magic Practitioner,, in 2012 A sorcery who was a co worker of my mother was rumor to be a Ngải practitioner and had also used it to kill a few people, My mother got in argument with her, then stuff started to happen on me and my family, dad died, mother got spirit possession and went crazy,had to quite attending college and i also almost died from it. struggle with attacks for 2 years and almost died. until i cultivate in toaism myself and learn exorcism/., in my 3 souls and 7 spirit layer, had portals draining out my 7 spirit layer with luck and energy stealing magic, and was contaminated by evil gods,yui spirits (yêu quái) and goo spirit contaminated my 3 souls and around my house ,we call this type of spirit 蠱 or goo in chinese,it usually is worms,insects, microcopic organism,but in my case poisonous and carnivorous plant, I was also semi posessed by an evil god, had 2 portal openings, one link to a female with an homestlye alter so i suspect its the lady to be rumor to be the practioner of Ngải sorcery,next portal was a big profesional alter link to a male sorcery for hire, After I cultivate in Taoism and exorcism, I am still contimainated with Goo and gong residue left behind from several evil god possessions after i destroy them.. and now undergoing self detox to get the remaning out. , I have use backfire exorcism and bounce the evil magic back to the source, recently heard news the sorcerer had to quit her job and fallen ill, I would like to know more about vietnamese Ngải sorcery, there is not book store at my place for there a book preferbly in vietnamese copy that is sold online, do u have any if you do can u provide me the title of the book and aurthor?


  9. Hi Khuong

    Thanks for responding with so much detail about your experience. I don’t know what to say except I am truly sorry for what you are going through. It is no joke and no laughing matter, and only those who become embroiled in it understand how devastating it can be.

    I sincerely hope you recover completely from all of this and find your way back into the light. I, myself, know little about Ngải sorcery although I have heard many accounts of it from many veritable sources. I try to stay away from the dark side of magic as we all know the old saying, “Đi đêm có ngày gặp ma.” In this case it would be the real deal–real spirits, real demons.

    May I ask, who is the teacher/master Taoist, helping you to overcome this barrage of attacks? Books, in my opinion, can only give you a single facet of what is a very complex field of study. It is the Taoist master himself (or herself) who can fully instruct you in the study of Taoism. Depending on where you happen to be living, there may be a Taoist temple near you, in which case, this is probably the best place for Taoist books. As for Ngải sorcery, the only books that I know about are sold in Vietnam, and not here in the USA, and certainly not in ebook format with the exception of one.

    I am not sure if you have heard of this one, but it is available in various libraries, fortunately because it was published by a French publishing company and therefore still available.

    Here is the link to the book.

    This link to a pdf file gives the first 25 pages of a 143 page book. You can at least see what the book is about before attempting to contact a library to borrow the book.

    Click to access BuaNgai.pdf

    Best of luck in your journey towards the light. Please keep me updated on your progress.



  10. cảm ơn chị tao babe, thanks for the link ill definatly look into it the links, This sorcerer have also shutdown a co-workers business killed off an entire family prior to attack my family , i was luck enough to survive, very lethal magic, yes i am learning from a chinese toaist master in canada, and i am recieving direct teachings and magic from him and not from books, i was his client at first but my attacks was so severe when he sealed up one portal shortly another portal emerges with new entity comming in to attack. so i had to learn it myself and set up a toaist alter of my own and do my own cultivation, writing and activating my own Bùa, perform my own exorcism, sealing and backfiring. I now also have tools specifily design to bust Ngải spirits and toxin as well,i am no longer in a state of emergency like i was at first, but i will deffenitly keep u update on my progress.


  11. Don’t fear these things at all. In islam there is a thing called “ruqya” it’s a spiritual healing, it removes anything and everything that is supernatural.


  12. Thank you. I tend to surround myself with positive things and so don’t encounter much of the darkness, even though I know it is there.


  13. I need help, do u know anyone a toaist master who can take blk magic / vodoo
    Away from me? my ex boyfriend cast on me, it has hospitalized me, people whom
    Are close to me too, I have lots of mishaps, and bad luck, I know it sounds crazy, but I need help. I do not know much about this type of Taoist magic,/ blk magic. I know my ex had a master and Study it and know he did this to me. I don’t want my info shown on here and hope in some way or the other u can recommend me wht I can do or any type of help. I m desperate, n I feel tht I m in danger, Every day. even by asking u to help. Please help.


  14. Hi Taobabe,
    Would you happen to know any Ngai Master in Southern California? If you do then may you please provide me with information on how to contact such person?

    Thank you. I really need to speak to a Ngai Master.


  15. Taobabe, just walking around the internet and found your Blog, you have a wealth of information here and I love your writing style.I look forward to reading more of your work,you may find my Blog interesting as well…..


  16. Hi there, my brother in law is a rich successful man. He started dating this Vietnamese woman 10 years older than him. It was nothing serious just casual dating until. We had not met her at this point but his friends had and immediately told him to try and break it off. She seemed to be after his money. When I met her she seemed normal older woman. But then she started talking about how my brother in law has this medical condition and will probably die before her and she needs to be financially taken care of if that happens. He does have a medical condition that can become life threatening. So I just thought to myself who talks about the person they love in this way. Thinking about their death. I didn’t say anything to anyone about it since he was thinking about leaving her. Well that didn’t happen and the next thing we found out that she has moved into his house. We have not seen him in 3 months and every time we try to make plans with him hie is either sick or busy traveling with her. He doesn’t even have much contact with his own father. We were a close family and now it’s all about her and she wants. He is not allowed any contact with us. So I was wondering if she used black magic to change his mind about leaving her and might be controlling him. If so what can we do to break him free. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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