Be Still, My Wildly Beating Heart.


Last night, I had a vivid dream of wearing a red veil and being married in a temple on top of a high craig, with a thousand monks as witnesses.  In my dream, I and my groom, plus an attendant had to levitate to the temple because there was no footpath to get there.  The temple could not be reached by any ordinary means.  If you did not levitate, you did not get to the temple.

In my dream, my husband was of royal lineage; a dragon of some sort.  This is all I can recall.  But upon awakening, my heart ached and I longed for him, even though his face receded from my memory as quickly as the dissipating dream receded from my mind.

I asked the I Ching what I should do with this awareness of my far distant past, and how it pertains to my present and my future, and my reply from I Ching was to calm my aching heart.


#52 – Ken.  Keeping Still.

The I Ching said that the problem with me is I have a wildly beating heart.  I Ching knows that my heart thinks constantly.  It thinks too much.  I can’t stop my heart from thinking, but at least, I need to restrict it to what is now and immediate, not pine for what was in the past, or what could possibly be in the future.  All thinking that goes beyond today and what today brings for me only makes my heart ache with longing.  There is nothing to be done for what has been.  There is only the present, and I needed to concentrate on the present that is given to me.

To do this, I needed to achieve a quiet heart.  I needed to calm my soul so that I could have the necessary peace of mind to understand the great laws of the universe.  Once I could see clearly the laws of the universe, then I could act in harmony with them and will not make any mistakes.  Right now, I am making mistakes left and right because my heart is pounding too much.

Nine in the third place means calmness must develop naturally out of a state of inner composure, not forced rigidity.

Six in the fourth place means even though I haven’t quite gotten the hang of letting go of the ego yet, I’m trying my best, and the effort will eventually lead me to a higher state of elimination of egotistic drive.

The first thing that I needed to learn in order to still my wildly beating heart was to start breathing…

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  1. Decisions made with a calm heart and a rational mind are much better decisions and less likely to be mistakes created by passionate spur-of-the-moment, flash-in-the-pan, snap decisions. We Tao Babes need to balance our thinking, not just with the heart but also with the mind.


  2. calm and rational is an ideal state of heart and mind. For me sadly, it isn’t in my nature. For you, toababe,it is just a matter of time.


  3. Thank you for your comments. We all can cultivate this, Ray. It is only required, the desire to do so. I still have a looooong way to go.


  4. Thank you. It was a poignant yet wonderful flying dream. I was levitating upwards into the sky in my lover’s embrace. There were bells clanging in the sky, the air was scented with plumeria and summer rain, and I was scared and excited at the same time. There is nothing in this world that will ever approximate the feeling of flying high like that. Nothing.


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