Lý Giang Nam

If anyone told you that they had a firm grasp of history because they went through years of university, studying through historical books on the subjects, don’t walk—run away from them. Run far, far away. They only have the officially sanctioned, creative-writing version of what actually happened.  This version is fine if all we want to do is pass our college exams and get our degrees, … Continue reading Lý Giang Nam

Organic Alchemistry 7: Garden of Eden

(Continued from Organic Alchemistry 6: Lulus of the World) 300,000 years It sure took us awhile to figure it out—300,000 years ago to be exact, but we did it. We managed to figure out how it all happened, and even more impressively, how to replicate that godly feat (more on this later). I think our ancient ancestors would have been proud of us if they … Continue reading Organic Alchemistry 7: Garden of Eden

Hồn Vía (Part 4): Bán Khoán – The Selling of a Child’s Soul

Time is relative.  It flows differently for each of us.  It may be passing much slower for you, gentle reader, but I, who  enjoy lazing about in the sun watching the flow of water meander towards its final destination, tend to lose all track of time, to the detriment of my various endeavors.  As such, two years have passed in the blink of an eye, … Continue reading Hồn Vía (Part 4): Bán Khoán – The Selling of a Child’s Soul


At the risk of sounding like captain obvious, somebody took my Taobabe.com domain and put it up for sale at the asking price of $8K. Eight-thousand US dollars!!! My initial reaction was laughter.  Did they honestly think I was making money off my sporadic impromptu writing?  Heck, if that was true, I would have been scrounging on dandelion weeds for the past 2 years since … Continue reading Taobabe.rocks

Daemonic World 3: Ma, Quỉ, Thánh, Thần

“Ma, Quỉ, Thánh, Thần, ơi!”  I heard this phrase quite a bit, growing up.  It was a common lamentation that my mother would quite often expel when I did something bad, like draw my artwork all over the walls, or when faced with something horrific, like catching me and the family dog eating out of the same bowl (at the same time). The young me … Continue reading Daemonic World 3: Ma, Quỉ, Thánh, Thần