Too Damn Tall


Real quick post.  I just woke up from a strange dream where I was surrounded by friendly chatty girls who kept feeding me candy.  It was a rather boring dream, as dreams go, but at the end, something made me go WOAH.

We all stood up to go to a different room, and that was when I realized, the girls I was having fun conversations with were super tall!  I mean…my eyeballs were at the level of their belly buttons!  I was staring at their stomachs and we were both standing up.  Since I’m 5’2, they had to be at least 10 feet tall.

But that didn’t stop us from continuing our talks in the second room.  This one had nice comfy lounge chairs and everyone settled into one.  I was given space also.  I didn’t take up as much space as they did.

Did I tell you they were super nice?

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  1. LOL. Hardly. They didn’t have wings, and were asking me advice on skin and hair. They were just some super tall friendly girls.


  2. What if you reversed aged into childhood and shrank while they stayed the same? Sorry, don’t mean to interpret anything for you, just playing on thoughts.


  3. I mention it because sometimes I have dreams where I look very different than in waking life and I just happen to notice if there is a reflection or mirror or something, maybe there’s lots more I’ve had where I didn’t notice a difference. I’m not sure if this has ever happened for you or other people but I wonder.

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  4. Absolutely. I have seen myself in mirrors and shop windows, and I’m always surprised at how I look like. Quite often, I recognize myself in the mirror, but sometimes, I’m a male. One time, I was an old man. It’s seriously strange, but my dream life is always strange.

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