Breaking Apart Taobabe Blog???


Just a quick thought. Dashing out the door but figured I could fire off a single idea.

Taobabe is getting too bogged down with numerous ideas spreading out like a tangled spider’s web.  I was supposed to be talking about Taoism when I first started this blog in 2005.  It’s now 2020 and it is out of control.

I am seriously thinking about splitting this blog into a couple of different blogs, to handle different things, and return this blog back into a Taoism blog.  Not sure how to do that, or if it is even worth the time to do a physical separation…but that is my idea right now.

More thinking is needed.

More thinking makes me hungry.  I think I will go get a bowl of phở.


13 thoughts on “Breaking Apart Taobabe Blog???

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  1. Hi, first time commenter but long time reader.

    Never really had a need to comment but wanna offer a few opinions. Simply put, splitting this blog isn’t necessary in my view because everything you write has Taoism weaved in. Also, the subjects are all related in one way or another to Taoism.

    You could create clear categories and offer them as a menu at the top, to better organise the blog.

    Re blogging in general:
    If you have a niche in mind, it might be worth splitting it all, for example if you wanted to write about travel, or some other defined topic away from Taoism. But if your intention is to stay on subjects relating to the knowledge of existence, I’d say there’s no real advantage.
    If you want to make money or a living from blogging, then maybe start a new more mainstream blog. That said, I have no idea how much traffic you already get with this blog.

    Finally, while I’m here. I get your emails re new posts. In the email I get the entire post instead of a snippet. This may be intentional, but it may be worth encouraging people to click through by using the ‘read more’ layout tool in your WordPress desktop. Put it after the first couple of paragraphs.

    Anyway, all just my opinion. Great blog!

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  2. Just my perspective, I like it how it is. I think many of the topics you bring up even if not always directly related to formal Taoism that it still connects with its principles whether in the way you write about, or after giving it more thought, so to me I find it flowing well together. That’s how I see it but its your work so it’s your call of course. I just hope you don’t stop writing again, these recent posts have been very refreshing.

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  3. Thank you David, for your suggestions. To be honest, I didn’t even know how my blog comes across in email format. I am not sure how to do a snippet and ‘read more’. I will play around with the tool settings to see if I can figure it out.

    As for making money from blogging, that’s never been my intent. Your idea of rearranging the pages into categories is a good one. Not sure how to do it though. I could play around until I figure it out. I’m just a bit afraid I will mess things up so badly that I completely screw up the website and then don’t know how to put it back together again. 😦


  4. Hi Stephen 🙂 As long as it makes sense to you, then I’m happy. I see all these topics as a single dot that, together, create a very interesting pointillism image, it’s just that since I have not been able to put all the dots in, the dots don’t seem to be connected at all. But they do connect. I just need to write more. A lot more. 😀

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  5. George, LOL. OK. I will leave well enough alone. I am a bit intimidated by the underlying structure that supports the website, to be honest. I’m not a webmaster and I know enough html only to be a dangerous idiot. I will try to organize it a little better.


  6. Hi there, here’s help:

    This appears to be a site.

    First backup your site:
    Download these Export files to your computer. It’s a record of all your words.

    Read more:
    This is the read more tab that will get readers to click through from an email.

    Create categories:

    Create menus:

    What are newsletters (subscriptions):


  7. Please do not lose the Vietnam history aspect. Please, please. English speaking people with Viet backgrounds are very rare, and highly appreciated.

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  8. Paul, I honestly was worried that I was adding too much Viet history into the Taoism, that’s why I was going to split it up. Taoism is Taoism, Viet history is Viet history. They aren’t exactly found in the same section of the library. However, if everyone is ok with it, I will continue the blog the way I always have. Random thoughts and all.

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  9. I am also very interested in the Viet history related posts, as in extremely interested and having somewhat of a personal stake as well, so I really hope there will be more please.


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