Destroyer of Books


I am a Destroyer of Books.

Well…only books that I take a penchant to.  Those that I don’t like stay in pristine condition.  Some have never been read.  But the ones I like, I DESTROY.

Some have been hacked to pieces, ripped, stained, torn, written on, highlighted over, and mutilated to the point where I have to buy a brand new copy just to make sure that when the old copy is too damaged to be used, I have a brand new copy to mar.

Such is the case with my I Ching translation by Wilhelm.  My workbook copy is falling apart.  The pages come undone from their bindings and fall out if I don’t hold them together.

i Ching

It’s a good thing Richard Wilhelm is not around to see this picture.  He would be beyond pissed that I treat his books so horribly.

Of course, if he were to somehow come back from the yin world and visit my home, I would proudly show him only the perfect copy below the much-abused workbook.  Let’s hope he does not know how to use the internet, or he would see this picture of my battered I Ching workbook.

My brother, Derek Lin, has not fared any better.  The signed copy of his Tao Te Ching translation is beyond salvage.  I need to get a brand new copy and have him sign it again.  And then I’ll seal it up and never touch it again so it stays pristine.

I won’t show an image of his damaged book because he still checks up on my taobabe website on the occasion, and we don’t want an enraged Taoist, mumbling magikal incantations at the Taobabe.  That won’t be good.

I am the Destroyer of Books.

I am the Taobabe.

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  1. Heheh…to be loved by taobabe…be careful what you wish for, you just might get it :)))


  2. Hey Taobabe,

    I have a copy of a book written in Mandarin based on the I Ching from master Hu. See picture below of us at Wudangshan, China last year.

    I had a great session that was translated by my Chinese student and he gave me his book. Of course I can’t read it. 😦

    He teaches the Taoist Internal Kung Fu Academy that we trained at on Wudang Mountain. I’m looking for someone to translate it into English so we can be idiot from his wisdom. So that takes me to where we are now. Do you have any ideas? I only ask you because I know your passion for the some work, and your brother is a professional translator. 😀 Open to all ideas.

    With respect,

    Terry Hodgkinson Tao Travel – Journeys that Enlighten the Soul.



  3. Hi Terry
    I’m sorry I can’t be of more assistance. The only classical Chinese translator and writer I know is Derek, but he’s so busy writing his other Tao books that he does not have time. Is this book that you have, the I Ching, written in Chinese? Or is it something like the Wings? Or something else?


  4. Allan
    That’s really interesting, science is finally getting caught up with human auras. I have a good story about this.

    One day, I was just sitting around minding my own business when an older woman came up to me and said: Tone yourself down! You are too bright!!!
    I was like: Huh?
    She again said: Tone down your aura. It’s blinding everyone.
    I looked around. Nobody seemed to be even looking at us. They were all doing their own things.
    She sighed: Your aura is too bright and spills out into other people’s spaces. Make it smaller and keep it closer to you. And it’s too hot. Tone it down to a golden color. Right now, you’re almost a pure white. It’s blinding me.
    My jaw dropped. I had no idea I was so glaring. I had been practicing some mental cleansing routines, and I do them when I’m standing in line or when I’m bored and have nothing to do. I didn’t think it would affect my aura. So I imagined myself getting duller and duller, and I added some color to my aura. Since at the time, my favorite color was pink, I added some bubble gum pink to my aura (I just imagined it, that’s all).
    She laughed when I did that: You look like you’re covered with pepto bismol, she said.

    True story.


  5. Hi Taobabe! I read my books till they fall apart too. I love reading ^ ^ sometimes I think a little too much lol because I don’t feel like sleeping till I get to the end. Happy 4th of July weekend!


  6. Happy 4th to you as well, Mandy. I love reading as well. My best times are when I get my hands on a really good set of books (several volumes) so I get to read for days, nonstop!!!


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